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Whether you're hosting a party, a backyard concert, a wedding or a corporate function, the right sound can make or break any event.

We now offer PA/Sound System rentals including a sound engineer and if you need one - a DJ, a band, a duo, an acoustic performer, an MC, you name it.

Check out our rates and prices below and get in touch with us!

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Let us help you find the best solution for your next event! Tell us what you're planning and we'll help you figure out what you need.


  • I need a PA/sound system and that's it!
  • I need a DJ with his/her own sound!
  • I need a singer/songwriter for a cocktail hour
  • I need a full band for my wedding!
  • I have an event and I have no idea what to do!?

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Everything is negotiable as we know budgets vary but here is our standard price list!

  • PA Rental + Engineer $NEGOTIABLE
  • PA Rental + DJ $NEGOTIABLE
  • PA Rental + Acoustic Musician $NEGOTIABLE
  • PA Rental + Acoustic Duo $NEGOTIABLE
  • PA Rental + Full Band (includes acoustic setup + MC) $NEGOTIABLE

Our Equipment

We are proud to use the best and most trusted equipment!

Behringer X32, ElectroVoice, Shure

Our Talent

Our talent comes from our amazing roster at Bookable, here are just a few examples of the type of artists, band or DJ you could expect to book with your rental...

  • Winners of The Voice and American Idol Finalists
  • Platinum Selling Artists & Songwriters
  • Premium DJs